PL Series by Montigo

PL 38

Required opening: 37-3/4" w x 35-1/4" h x 20-1/8" d

Fire viewing: 35-1/4" w x 18" h
Max. square footage heated: 500 ft. sq. (25,000 BTUs/h.)*

PL 42

Required opening: 42" w x 37" h x 22-5/8" d

Fire viewing: 39"-1/2" w x 19" h
Max. square footage heated: 640 ft. sq. (32,000 BTUs/h.)

PL 52

Required opening: 52" w x 37-1/2" h x 25" d

Fire viewing: 47" w x 21" h
Max. square footage heated: 800 ft. sq. (40,000 BTUs/h.)

The PL Series by Montigo offers three different sizes in its single-sided configuration. This line of direct vent gas fireplaces offers a beautiful flame display and reliable operation at a very economical price point. As non-combustible finishing materials can be installed right to the edge of the glass viewing area, these fireplaces can be easily integrated into your feature wall design. The upgrades available for the PL Series include reflective porcelain panels and a blower with speed control.

  • Buried linear burner technology offers a realistic burn pattern (interior media can be placed on top of the burner to variegate the flames) and adjustable flame height
  • Interior media options include glass pebbles, fireglass, speckled stones and a ceramic driftwood log set
  • Operated using a thermostatic remote control that allows the user to regulate flame size and heat output
  • Electronic ignition with a battery back-up that will power the fireplace in the event of a power outage
  • Safety screen included**
  • Venting configurations available through the top or rear of the fireplace
  • Power vent compatible

** As per CSA regulations implemented in 2015, all fireplaces with a sealed glass front are installed with a safety screen if it has been determined that the glass surface temperature exceeds 172° F while the unit is fired