I Series Insert by Montigo


Required opening: 30" w x 20" h x 14" d

Fire viewing: 24-1/4" w x 14-1/4" h
Max. square footage heated: 480 ft. sq. (24,000 BTUs/h.)*


Required opening: 34" w x 24" h x 15" d

Fire viewing: 28-3/8" w x 18-1/8" h
Max. square footage heated: 620 ft. sq. (31,000 BTUs/h.)

  • These inserts are designed for installation in an existing masonry woodburning fireplace, to enable woodburning to gas conversion

  • Unfinished firebox edge will be conveniently covered by metal surround that comes standard with the insert

  • 30FID metal surround measurements are 43-1/2" wide x 27-5/8" high

  • 34FID metal surround measurements are 46-1/2" wide x 30-7/8" high

  • Available with ceramic log, driftwood, river rock and fireglass interior media options