H Series by Montigo

H 34

Required opening: 33-7/8" w x 39" h x 20" d

Fire viewing: 31-3/8" w x 22-3/4" h
Max. square footage heated: 360 ft. sq. (18,000 BTUs/h.)*

H 38

Required opening: 37-3/4" w x 42-1/2" h x 21-1/8" d

Fire viewing: 35-1/4" w x 25" h
Max. square footage heated: 520 ft. sq. (26,000 BTUs/h.)

H 42

Required opening: 42" w x 46-1/2" h x 21-5/8" d

Fire viewing: 39-1/2" w x 28-3/4" h
Max. square footage heated: 680 ft. sq. (34,000 BTUs/h.)

The H Series by Montigo offers three different sizes in a single-sided configuration. These fireplaces feature a classic, square firebox shape with a choice of linear or log burner systems.

  • Clean frame that can be finished to the edge of glass viewing

  • High/low flame height adjustment

  • Electronic ignition with battery back-up for power outages

  • Ceramic log, river rock and fireglass media options