Required opening: Minimum 20" diameter

Fire viewing31-3/5" w x 12-1/9" h (360°)
Max. square footage heated: 920 ft. sq. (46,000 BTUs/h.)*


Required opening: Minimum 20" diameter

Fire viewing: 31-3/5" w x 12-1/9" h
Max. square footage heated: 920 ft. sq. (46,000 BTUs/h.)

In 2012 we were excited to facilitate the Canadian debut of the Tatiana 997 Centrale Open at our exhibit in the Toronto Interior Design Show. Today it continues to be one our most inventive and stunning products, unrivalled in both its aesthetic and craftsmanship.

The Tatiana 997 Series by Bordelet features two styles of suspended woodburning fireplaces. The Tatiana 997 Centrale Open can be installed with a stationary mount, or with a pivot that allows it to rotate 360 degrees. The Murale Open is designed for installation against a wall, and is easily converted to house a gas burner system. These products are not available with glass enclosures. They are available in a variety of colours.

  • Firebox sits 17-75” above the floor

  • 39” hearth diameter required

  • Cast iron hearth is included with Tatiana 997 Murale Open

  • Potence bracket is available to support Tatiana 997 Centrale Open

  • Both models are available in anthracite gray, metallic black, matte black, metallic brown, matte brown and rosy-brown