Savannah Summit 65

The Summit 65 by Savannah has an expansive fire viewing area and various compelling features. This direct vent fireplace has also been built to match the dimensions of the Marquis Grand Infinite fireplace, but retails at a significantly lower pricepoint. This direct vent, single-sided fireplace operates using electronic ignition with a battery back-up for power outages. It has a thermostatic remote that enables flame adjustment/control of the heat output and black interior porcelain panels. The Summit 65 features a double burner system that offers the user a choice of single or dual burner operation. Standard interior media options include fireglass, firestones or gray and brown ceramic driftwood logs.

  • Black porcelain interior panels

  • Electronic ignition

  • Modulating valve that allows for adjustable flame levels and heat output range

  • Standard interior media options include fireglass, ceramic river rock, and gray or brown driftwood




Required opening: 66-2/5" w x 35-1/20" h x 19-1/2" d

Fire viewing: 59" w x 13-9/10" h
Max. square footage heated: 760 ft. sq. (38,000 BTUs/h.)*

* This is an approximate measure that may be affected by several variables.