Montigo RP424 Peninsula


The RP424 Peninsula by Montigo is a three-sided power-vent gas fireplace series that takes inspiration from the scale of commercial fireplace design, but provides a heat output that is compatible with residential spaces. The RP424 Peninsula features a frameless, peninsula-style glass viewing area with fan-assisted, double-wall glass that does not require a safety barrier screen. Non-combustible finishing materials can be installed right to the edge of the glass, resulting in a versatile finished look that is easily-integrated into any space. The RP424 Peninsula uses buried linear burner technology which provides more control over the burn pattern (as the decorative media can be placed over top of the burn to variegate the flame), and flame height adjustment. A black reflective porcelain interior panel further enhances the flame, along with accent lighting that illuminates the firebed. The RP424 Peninsula is compatible with 24VAC home automation systems. You can choose from interior media options of ceramic driftwood logs, river rock and fireglass. 


  • Buried linear burner technology and adjustable flame height
  • Frameless glass viewing area
  • Black reflective interior panels and accent lighting
  • Compatible with 24VAC home automation systems
  • Operated using a thermostatic remote control that allows the user to regulate flame size and heat output
  • Electronic ignition with battery back-up for power outages
  • Fan-assisted, double-wall glass that meets 2015 safety regulations**
  • Fireplace can be top or rear-vented
  • Fireplace must be power-vented
  • Ceramic driftwood log, river rock and fireglass media options



Required opening: 68" w x 52" h x 24" d

Fire viewing: 48" w x 24" h x 23-7/8" d
Max. square footage heated: 900 ft. sq. (45,000 BTUs/h.)*

* This is an approximate measure that may be affected by several variables.

** As per CSA regulations implemented in 2015, all fireplaces with a sealed glass front are installed with a safety screen if it has been determined that the glass surface temperature exceeds 172° F while the unit is fired.



Montigo has always been an innovator in the fireplace industry. They began manufacturing open concept b-vented gas fireplaces in 1985, later adopting a new fireplace design concept that would quickly envelop the entire heating industry – direct-vent gas fireplaces.
A proudly Canadian company, Montigo has maintained their manufacturing operations in the cities of Langley and Surrey, BC. Mutually inspired towards excellence and integrity in fireplace design, The Fireplace Specialist has been representing, selling and installing Montigo fireplaces since their entry into the Canadian fireplace market. Today we offer our clients Montigo's full range of residential direct-vent gas fireplaces and gas inserts; residential and commercial power-vented gas fireplaces; double-wall insulated b-vent gas fireplaces; outdoor ventless gas fireplaces; in-line and external power-vent systems and Cool-Pak Glass (cool glass barrier) safety systems. The Fireplace Specialist and Montigo often collaborate to develop custom fireplace designs for both residential and commercial spaces.